MARCH 2024

Yearly the Lutheran churches of the Western Cape gather on the first Sunday of March for our church day. This is always a lovely day where we gather for a service and share a meal afterwards.

This year we were at the Phillippi congregation, with pastor Denner leading the service and we were well received. The Philippi church’s pews were full, and the building filled with chatter. The sermon text was the reading for the year, ‘Do all you do in love’ from the first Corinthian letter. We sang in English, German, and Afrikaans, we listen to the organ played beautifully and some contemporary worship songs. Pastor Denner even showed us a dance move or two while we listened to ‘All you need is love’ from The Beates. Ending the service with communion, was the ultimate reminder of God’s love for us. By God’s love it all began and will never end.

Moving from the church building to the hall on the Phillippi grounds we were welcomed this time by the smell of lovely braaivleis. As we entered, we found a hall beautifully decorated and side foods, breads, and drinks ready for all congregants to share. Pastor Denner had to call three times for silence to pray for the day’s food and then the feast began.

We are truly thankful for the Phillippi congregation for their welcoming hearts and the fellowship we could all share!

[Schalk Treurnicht]