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Re Framed Lutheran

We use words like “liturgy”, “doctrine”, “denomination”, and so many more. But often people do not even know the meaning of frequently used Christian terminology.

The Reformation of 1517 and the theology of Martin Luther (and many more) are constantly reminding us to keep reforming! We must keep thinking, keep asking questions, keep conversing and keep reforming.

The Gospel message is one that will never change, and neither needs no change. Our contexts and culture however are ever-changing. The question that I often find myself asking is what kind of “frame” are we placing our message in?

The frame of an artwork serves the purpose of guiding the viewer toward the image.

Our words and actions “frame” the messages that we convey.

Let us be conscious of the frames that we use. Are they taking all the attention away from the image being portrayed, or are they guiding onlookers to see the beauty of what is being portrayed?

Let us keep reforming, let us keep reframing!

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