On Saturday the 18th of May, the CCW held their first Church in Motion for 2024. This was the third Church in Motion over all and was well attended. The event was held at the Bellville congregation with members from the different CCW congregations coming to attend.

The discussions were very fruitful, as we delved into the topic of ‘being church’. The discussions were led by Felix Meylahn, Ingrid van Sittert and Schalk Treurnicht. We spoke and learned about my role as part of a congregation and also our role as congregations within a community. The four parts of being church highlighted were worship, fellowship, teaching, and service.

Further depth was added to the discussion by Ingrid guiding us through the Pentecost story of Acts 2, leading us to the question of how we live in the expectation of the Holy Spirit in our congregations. Felix in his discussion helped us to think about our part in God’s story with the world. He showed us where we are between the time of the Bible and before the events described in Revelations. These discussions were challenging but also very fruitful!

After our discussions we shared a lovely meal which of course meant Bratwurst, which we enjoyed so much! Very thankful for our presenters and the Bellville congregations for hosting the CCW Church in Motion.