SACC Youth Feedback

Short term: < 6 months

  • Early child Development
  • Mentorship, Leadership Developments & Training

Medium term: < 12 Months

  • Safe Space
  • In & Outreach program

1. Long Term: More than 1 Year (available resources)

  • Safe spaces
  • Accommodation
  • Events and Trading

2. Finances

  • Bursaries
  • Funding

3. People

  • Potential
  • Resourced
  • Leadership capacitation

God is with us

How can we foster intergenerational understanding and collaboration?

What strategies do we need have for building a welcoming and supportive church community?

God Sees Us: Challenges

  • Youths are relocating to cities, leading to reduced attendance at their family churches.
  • Challenges in integrating new members into existing family networks.
  • Limited access to transportation for youths to attend church services.
  • More enticing opportunities for youths outside of the church.
  • The presence of a judgmental mindset and a lack of a safe and inclusive space within the congregation.

God Hears Us: wishlist

  • Promote inclusivity and active involvement of new members in church activities.

  • Establish a relocation platform database to connect youth members with sister churches, regardless of their location.
  • Create an innovation hub and leadership center for youth development.
  • Extend invitations to new youth members within the communities we serve.
  • Introduce friendship services or evening services to better engage with youth.
  • Cultivate a sense of fashion and relevance around theology.
  • Equip youth leaders, appoint dedicated youth pastors, and identify potential youth pastoral leaders.
  • Designate a youth contact person in each congregation.
  • Advocate for youth inclusion and support across various leadership structures.
  • Incorporate youth activities into the Cape Church Council’s annual plan.
  • Recognize, empower, and instill a sense of belonging among the youth.
  • Provide youth with transport options to attend church activities.