Call to pray for justice and peace

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, during these challenging and uncertain times and the case of genocide against Israel, we request that we unite in prayer for justice and peace. May truth prevail and respect for human life and human dignity be upheld.

We are grappling with, and are trying to understand the bigger picture and its complexity. Seeking together and trying to understand, let us respect each other’s views and remember the watchword for this year: “let all you do be done in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:14)

In our conversations about these matters, we need to be aware that the mainstream media and especially social media do often not give us a true and balanced view of events, as they are under the control of various lobbies an often forced to frame their stories according to the bias of their funders.

It is also important to realise that conflicts of any kind have a history that goes far further back than the contending parties want to admit. For a balanced and responsible view, it is therefore necessary to do some history homework using resources, books and documentaries by independent historians, researchers and journalists that are not at the beck and call of the lobbies involved in the conflict.

Statements by the LWF ( help us to grapple with this situation and urge us to call for prayer for justice and peace.

We acknowledge and support the following expressed in these statements:

  • all violence, especially on innocent women and children is condemned.
    antisemitism as well as islamophobia is condemned.
  • all involved parties in the Israel-Palestinian conflict are called upon to releasee all hostages, to do all they can to stop the violence and work towards solutions for lasting peace and living space for all.
  • deep concern for the grave humanitarian situation because of the conflict.

I call on you to seek God’s face in prayer so that justice and peace prevail.

Yours in Christ
Members of the Pastors Convocation ELCSA (Cape Church)