Pastor Schalk  Treurnicht


33 Middel Street, Bellville, 7530


English, Afrikaans & German


021-948-5928 (open Tuesdays till Fridays 09:00-13:00)




The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Cross in Bellville caters for German speaking as well Afrikaans and English speaking Christians who wish to associate themselves with the Evangelical Lutheran Faith. We seek to give worshippers the opportunity to experience the true preaching of the Gospel and the administering of the Sacraments. They should have the opportunity to actively participate in activities which will allow them to grow in and live out the Lutheran faith and way of life on a continuous basis.

Our worship services form the heart of our congregational life . Although services in more free forms are conducted occasionally (such as youth- or family services), the order of the service follows a well structured Liturgy which forms an important and valuable part of the Lutheran Worship Service. The Liturgy is responsive prayer of the assembled congregation, and the most important parts of it are taken directly from the Bible. The Liturgy can thus be seen as the prayed Word of God.

In addition to the liturgy, the choir and organ music form an important part of our services. When the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany brought out a revised hymnbook in Advent of 1994, it was introduced in our German services at the same time. For our Afrikaans services we use the “Laudate” hymn book, which contains the majority of German hymns translated into Afrikaans. The new “Australian Lutheran Hymnal”, published in 1989, is used in our English services. In addition to many well loved hymns like “A mighty fortress is our God”, there are a good number of contemporary songs by composers like Robin Mann; of whom “May the feet of God walk with you” is included (Lutheran Hymnal 888).

While the liturgy and the hymns sung by the congregation form the core of our worship services, enrichment comes form performances by choirs or musicians of many kinds.